I didn't receive my samples


We are very sorry you didn't receive your samples. There's always a reason!


1) Your address has been registered by someone else

We see that A LOT!!! If you moved recently and someone already register with that address...


2) You live in a remote area

Some companies don't send samples if you live in an area where this would be impossible for you to buy their products within 10 Km.


3) You missed your samples!

The box of formula sent is really big. If you don't claim your samples, they are going back to the company.


4) Your profile didn't match their requirements

If you register while you are still pregnant, most baby formula companies will wait until the end of the pregnancy to send the samples. If you baby is too old, they won't send anything. Same for diapers... For expensive products, they look at the annual income.


5) You are not patient enough :)

Most samples arrive 6-8 weeks after registration. However, if your child is older than 3 month, you'll get the next phase ( cereals or pull-ups) once your child reach it.


6) you registered with these companies in the past.

They only send one set of samples per family.


7) You made a mistake in your submission

If Canada Post can't recognize your address, the system won't send you anything. Make sure your info is correct.


I would like to receive samples for my grandchildren

The best way to do so is to ask the mom or dad to register themselves.


What type of samples am I going to receive?

Once upon a time, baby samples were sent to everyone asking for them...

This is not the case anymore. Why?

The mailing cost and abuses forced companies to target more wisely.

If you are pregnant, chances are that you will receive baby formula and diapers. From time to time, companies send different types of baby food samples, baby lotion etc.


Who doesn't like surprises?